5) The Best YouTube/Vimeo Missions Mobilization Videos —

Let’s create a “hall of fame” list of the best YouTube or Vimeo-type videos focusing on ….

-the power of prayer

-the big picture on Unreached People Groups

-introducing Islam

-church multiplication/planting movements


We’re hoping the answers to these questions will help *all* of us as we seek to mobilize, pray, and place workers. To add your “best of the best” videos to the list, just find this item on the web (if you’re reading via email, just use the link below), then add a comment with a URL. Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up immediately. Our spam engine automatically defers comments with more than one URL included. So we’ll have to glance at them and “approve” them,… but check back and, within a day or two, you’ll see your item listed. Thanks in advance for helping us find the best of the best !!!

16 Responses to 5) The Best YouTube/Vimeo Missions Mobilization Videos —
  1. Marti Smith Reply

    The agency I work with, Pioneers, has a couple of videos meant to illustrate the process of church planting. I think the Indonesia one includes more universal elements. http://www.pioneers.org/multiply/indonesia.aspx but there’s also one from Chad http://www.pioneers.org/multiply/Chad.aspx. Some of our workers in another region have produced a short video that illustrates the reality of people groups in an engaging way; see People Groups: An Imperfect Illustration

  2. Ashok Kumar Reply

    Mission videos please

  3. Brian Reply

    on the front page here.

    • Shawn Skinner Reply

      Simple but very informative, it more a how to video, but really nice.

  4. Brian Reply

    wycliffe -you could do this stuff…
    or maybe not.

  5. Nev Reply

    Wycliffe’s George Cowan on Place of Prayer in missions.

  6. William Harris Reply

    I work for Heart Sounds International (HSI) and am a member of the International Council of Ethnodoxologists (ICE). Both have videos promoting missions while encouraging culturally relevant and biblically appropriate worship around the globe:

    HSI: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFr_uYqLpB4

    ICE: The AiM 2011 conference on contextualized arts in mission video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gea1yhwSy_s

  7. Mike Klausmeier Reply

    I gues the best missions video I have seen is a mobilization video to be used in the church.
    William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, animated for today’s world to view…

  8. Howard Culbertson Reply

    This one has classic missions quotes from the past: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bP2c8P1K2EU

    Here’s one with a youthful touch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiNBmNl88Pk

  9. Russ Reply

    Here’s one on the need for Bible translation using kids and Skittles to tell the story…


  10. Shawn Skinner Reply

    Hay there guys,

    Just want to encourage you all, I am a videographer, and have a heart for missions. I am starting to see more and more guys like me with the skills get a calling to use their skill in mobilizing more into missions. When it come to missions videos one group has been my inspiration/ standard for awhile. http://www.historymakers.info with some of the most cinematic, compelling, moving, videos out there about the great omission.

  11. Becky Durstenfeld Reply

    Prayercast has great videos that are great for mobilization. They are also on vimeo.

  12. GNPI Reply

    This global music video featuring eight languages and 12 nations singing the same song illustrates the goal of missions — for people from every tongue and tribe to choose a relationship with Christ Jesus our Savior and praise Him for eternity.


  13. Editor Reply

    Looking for a Video for International Students for This Fall?
    Look no further than…


    This CLC site has zillions of foreign language Christian resources. Hats off to them.

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