8) Help needed: Current Project of Digital Resource Libraries —

The Digital Bible Society (DBS) serve the Church around the world by collecting and distributing digital Bibles and Christian literature in their own languages.  These Treasure Libraries (TL’s) are then freely made available to individuals, churches, and mission agencies for distribution in every nation. DBS has completed Treasure Libraries in Chinese, Arabic, and Persian on digital media such as CD’s DVD’s, and SD chips to be used in a multitude of devices.  They are currently producing digital libraries for a number of languages, countries, and regions of the world.  To increase their value, DBS is actively seeking the help of churches, individuals and ministries representing these languages.  They need help to identify and collect digital materials and assistance in the production process.  This includes collecting content materials and permissions, small translation tasks, reviewing of libraries, networking, and distributing finished libraries.  Contact

hannesatdbsBibledotorg for a list of current targeted regions and needs.

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