7) VSee Continues to Impress (Completely Free of Charge) —

We’ve talked previously about VSee, an alternative to Skype that seemed, at least in my informal testing, to be superior in call quality when you need to do multi-person video conferences. See our original discussion at…




I was particular interested in one Brigada reader’s take. He wrote,

“Here’s the biggest carrot for VSee, from their blog:

“VSee uses end-to-end encryption where no server, including VSee servers, has the decryption key. VSee uses public/private RSA keys to exchange a 256-bit AES session key with the property that only the endpoints have the AES session key. VSee uses FIPS 140-2 certified 256-bit AES encryption.” He went on to test their service at some length and, at the end of the day, in several international video-conference tests, he, too, liked the outcome. About the security topic that he mentioned above, he added, “This is very significant. To my knowledge, no other video collaboration package offers this level of security. VSee looks like it might even be easy to use, which would be fantastic as well. I’m giving it a shot. The great thing is — it won’t set you back that much to try it. Though there are a few premium pieces you could choose to add for a price, the basic VSee service is free.

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  1. David Bayless Reply

    VSee is almost always static-free. Much better than Skype. I have been unable to call anyone on Skype, but VSee works fine.

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