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Do you need to lead a Bible Study, a devotional, or a Sunday school lesson? Missionaries are often pressed for time in preparing for their next study or lesson that they need to give. The newly released book, “Bible Stories 2 Go-An Instant Resource for Learning and Passing on God’s Truths covers 200 stories of the Bible and is meant for all ages. This book enables one to quickly and easily identify the truths of the Bible and aids one in sharing them with others. The exact references for the stories is given,a brief synopsis, clear lessons that can be taught, notes, connections with other references in the Bible on the lessons,possible memory verses, and applications questions for reflexion and/or discussion. Read about it and it can be ordered on the Tate Publishers website:




The price is $23.99 (paper cover) or $9.99 e-book.

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  1. Peter Bowers Reply

    I’m interested in this, but experience says there’s a wide range of quality in this type of material. Is there anywhere I can go to see a couple chapters so I can evaluate before I buy?

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