2) What do You Think of the “Open Source” Media Push?

The folks at Distant Shores Media have perhaps articulated it best. See their video here…

The future of the global church is Open from Distant Shores Media on Vimeo.

Read more on their website:


See more of this being applied at…


Sounds like an exciting dream to me. What’s your take? Please use the comment boxes below to give your opinion. (And thanks to Brigada participant and personal friend, Ted, for bubbling this up to our attention.)

3 Responses to 2) What do You Think of the “Open Source” Media Push?
  1. Becky Reply

    This is also being done for children’s ministry resources – check out http://www.max7.org.

  2. Cindy Schmidt Reply

    Not being an author or publisher or distributor of these materials, my first thought is “WHY is this even an issue?” WHY on earth would we copyright salvation? Get evangelism and discipleship materials out to the folks who desperately need them. I am on board -where is my picket sign :)

  3. Brian Reply

    I am grateful for all the hard work DSM and others are doing to promote this. Given the proliferation of mobiles around the world – 75% of the world’s population has access to one (and that includes infants on up) – we know have the opportunity to put the gospel before the eyes & ears of the unreached. Most of them don’t have, or can’t afford to use, data services. Their phones are still media-capable, though. Yet many media providers (including Bible distributors) don’t allow their content to be shared offline because they can’t track its use. I’ve experienced, and heard others share stories, of people asking for things like a movie clip about Jesus, or for the Scriptures. What a shame to turn away people hungry to learn more about Jesus and the gospel b/c of restrictive policies on content sharing. Keep waving the open source banner, DSM.

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