2) Are you Tired of your iPhone being out of Sync with Outlook?

Keep your contacts sync'd between your PC and your iphone.

Keep your contacts sync’d between your PC and your iphone.

This past week, I finally had had enough. I had gotten tired of not having contacts on my iphone that I entered in Outlook (and vice versa). So I checked out my options and, in the end, chose DejaOffice


with CompanionLink


as the bridge to the iPhone. Then used a product from “Share-It”


called “1-Click Duplicate Delete for Outlook” to get rid of the duplicates on my PC and “Cleanup Duplicate Contacts” by Wim de Nood


on iPhone to delete duplicates there. It took me a few hours (3?) to work it all out, but now they’re finally in sync. Contacts that I create on my iPhone magically appear in Outlook and Contacts that I create in Outlook magically appear on my iPhone. So far, I have Outlook set as the “master” (if I delete them on Outlook, they delete on my iphone), but two-way deleting is also possible. I’m a happy camper again. :-)

3 Responses to 2) Are you Tired of your iPhone being out of Sync with Outlook?
  1. Havell Stephen-Smith Reply

    Has anyone any recommendations for synchronizing Android smart phones with Outlook?

  2. Editor Reply

    Try DejaOffice and Companion Link. I think they handle Android too.

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