3 Responses to 4) In Search of the Best Free and not-so-free Travel Apps
  1. Heidi Reply

    We just started using TripCase and Cloak for the iPhone 5 and find them very helpful. Both are free.


  2. Tim Stapleton Reply

    I have found a free language app for most countries I visit. They usually offer basic important words and phrases. Search by language name.

  3. JLA Reply

    Hey Doug,

    Thanks a ton for the tips you keep sending our way. I’m glad you asked about the travel app. Recently, I went searching for a little while hoping to make the next trip home with little ones a bit smoother than in that past. After some searching, not exhaustive, I’m sure, I landed on Tripit combined with FlightTrack Pro, as you’ve mentioned. They seemed to have the deepest combination of features with the easiest access (email the itinerary to Tripit). At this point, the only thing I might add would be, perhaps, a more in-depth/interactive offline airport map, like GateGuru.

    Would you add a question for the best offline, customizable map app? This would be the ability to make a custom map, like with Google Maps, but with the easy ability to download it onto an iPhone/iPad with zooming capability.



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