12) We’re Grateful for …

*** The worker in SE Asia who sent $50. God bless you!

*** A $25 gift from Kentucky! We appreciate you!!!!!!!

*** The $100 gift from Minnesota! God bless you!

*** Another $100 gift from Washington (Thank you!!!)

*** A $2000 gift from a church in Georgia, specifically designated for an assistant (hopefully, this would help us get these Brigadas into your inbox on time! :-) ) Thank you Georgia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*** A $250 gift from a True Fan of Brigada living in Encinitas, CA. Wow — $250 is a wonderful gift! God bless you!!!!!!!!!!

*** $33 from Thailand!

*** $100 from Fayetteville, Arkansas — Whooo-hoooo!

*** And another $100 from Fullerton, California. God bless you!

*** $40 from a long-time friend of Brigada, from Illinois. Thanks!

*** plus $100 from yet another friend of Brigada — a true fan — from Chicago area.

*** $200 from a church in the Atlanta area. God bless them greatly.

*** $50 from a worker in North Africa. Humbling. Sobering. Encouraging.

*** $50 from a Brigada reader in North Carolina. God bless you!

*** $60 from St. Paul, Minnesota! Thank you St. Paul!

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