14) The BackPage: “No More Tunnel Vision”

This past weekend, I did a missions presentation at a church involved in a series entitled, “No more Tunnel Vision.” I loved it. The particular song they shared regarding missions and global outreach was one by Matthew West — and you can hear it at this link…


The basic concept was — the church is a “community” with great togetherness, and that’s a great blessing and an important dynamic of church life. But with that blessing comes a danger: One can get carried away with togetherness and forget the importance of relating to those outside the fellowship. Jesus arranged a mountaintop rendezvous to make this clear (Matt. 28:19-20). He wanted his disciples to have a global perspective. He wanted ‘no more tunnel vision.’ These words, in Matt. 28:19-20, are the words of Jesus, and they explain what he wants us to be doing between his first and his second coming. They apply to all Christians without exception — to all Christians, at all times, in all places. Note that he commands us to be involved in this process as we go to all nations. Thus, he mandates that we take the initiative, instead of expecting them to come to us. That’s not just the Great Commission. It’s also Christ’s expectation for the church.

Cool concept. Difficult message. Kind of similar to the “top line blessing, bottom line blessing,” that you hear in Perspectives and Kairos. Supreme importance. We’d better get busy, eh? :-)

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