2) Have You Seen Spot’s New Global Phone?

SPOTWe’ve bragged about Spot Messengers, those relatively inexpensive satellite beacons. Now they have released a satellite phone for just $550. For a $40/mo. Subscription (not that much more than you pay for your cell phone), you can get 80 minutes satellite time per month, which is, effectively, 50 cents/minute. Snag additional minutes at 99 cents each. Of course, you can also opt for an $1800/year unlimited subscription, too. But beware the fine print. There are limitations for coverage. (Check yours first.) Learn more at..


Note that Central America, West Africa, and Pacific rim are supposed to come on line in 2013, but that’s subject to change, based on successful satellite launching and positioning. Still, in spite of all the limitations, it’s a cool option to watch for the future and a lot handier, more affordable, and lighter weight for all cross-cultural workers who need the ability to call instantly (to the places covered by the Spot Global Phone).

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  1. Ed Zogg Reply

    This looks awesome for remote mission work! Thanks!

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