6) A New Evangelist Tool For The Christmas Season

greatestgiftEarly in 2009, Reaching Beyond Borders, an organization which assists local churches in spreading the Gospel, partnered with Forgiven Films to bring a unique new evangelistic tool to life. Strictly adhering to Bible accounts of the prophecies, life, and the redemptive work of Christ, this 25 minute film reenacts Biblical scenes that tell the reason for the coming of our Savior. Follow His life from the miracles and the cross all the way to His ascension. Over 115 verses are quoted from the King James Bible as the true Christmas message is told. The movie can be viewed in its entirety or ordered on DVD at:




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  1. Cecily Reply

    I am looking for tools for teaching English as a second language in which I can incorporate the Gospel. I watched the trailer to The Greatest Gift Ever, but since the Biblical text that is used is from the KJV, it is not very conducive for people who are learning basic English. Any resources you could suggest would be greatly appreciated. (I tried a search in the Brigada archives, but I didn’t come up with anything that was helpful for me.)

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