12) Is There An Organization That Sells Books For Missions?

Not that they sell missions-related books, but they resell used books in order to raise money for missions. Mert’s parents already take Christian books for distribution in developing countries to


But now they are wanting to find a place that will sell other books in order to raise funds for missions. If you know of any, please click “Comment” below the web version of this item.

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  1. Art Wells Reply

    Ebay allows any seller to list all kinds of items “for charity”. I’m not sure if this is done at their half.com book site, or if you would need to set up a store specifically for the ministry

    Over at ebay, there is a wide variety of nonprofits registered, including our international student ministry. Sign up your ministry with eBay and simply ask the eBay sellers you know if they would donate a portion of sales. A ribbon will appear by the listing indicating it is for a cause, whether the seller is designating 10 percent or 100 percent of the proceeds for that cause. I hope one day to find a champion volunteer to operate an eBay store for us.

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