7) Where do you Find Psych Services for your Missionaries?

One source is Narramore Christian Foundation. These guys have been around since the early 1950’s. Read more about their services and their servants at…


With global staff based in West and East Africa, France, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Philippines, they can help you or your agency with consulting, counseling, and more. For example, check out their reentry program for MK’s at…


4 Responses to 7) Where do you Find Psych Services for your Missionaries?
  1. David Meade Reply

    I’d like to see the balancing question out there: “Where do you find biblical counseling services for your missionaries?”
    Given a choice between “psychological” therapy treatment and the loving, biblical accountability of a home church using biblical counseling, I’d choose/recommend the latter every time.
    No offense to NCF!; I think they’re intentions are for the best, though the approach feeds the misconception that “trained psychologists” have special powers.

  2. Bracy Ball Reply

    Dear friends in Jesus . . . there are so many promises and guidelines in Scripture concerning how to live, make changes, face and deal with trials, etc. Go to WordTruth.net (http://www.wordtruth.net) and see the scriptural studies (all with verse texts printed out) under TRIALS, ENCOURAGEMENT, GROWING IN CHRIST (and many more). I concur with those who believe that biblical counseling and associated discipleship are the paths on which to walk before even considering “psych services” for help in daily living or making significant adjustments in changing locations or adaptations in ministry. [This is not a plug for WordTruth.net . . . instead, it is a reminder that we serve Almighty God who has given us a totally sufficient Bible to address every aspect of life and relationships. See “Counseling must be based solely on the Bible” on the WordTruth site]

  3. Craig Campbell Reply

    There is a missionary-focused counseling service near Seattle in Kirkland, WA that has helped many missionaries. They are part of Assemblies of God, but work with missionaries from other organizations as well.

    Check out their website at http://www.ministryri.org/. The counselors there have served as missionaries overseas and/or in pastoral care. I highly recommend them.

  4. Deborah Reply

    Missionaries often have specialized issues that can best be addressed by those who are trained and experienced in those issues. A home church pastor would likely not have the background to help with the particular issues that missionaries sometimes face. I applaud the ministry of these therapists and wish there were more like them out there!

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