8) What Can You Tell us About the Keystone Project?

keystone projectThis past week, a colleague shared quite a find:


There are tons of resources on the “Training Downloads” page. Has anyone tried these and, if so, can anyone share (in one of the Comment boxes following the web version of this item) how helpful this stuff is please? Because it LOOKS awesome… for instruction on discipleship and what it requires, the Holy Spirit, and disciplemaking movements. And it LOOKS like all this stuff is absolutely free. Could it be true?

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  1. Dean le Roux Reply

    This training / equipping has been probably the highest impact in my whole experience. I met Richard Greene in early 2000 ‘s and reconnected in 2012. He asked me to listen to the mp3. I did over a weeks leave and had to repent. I am still repenting while living a radical sold out life following Christ. Within a year they brought a team and trained 40 leaders. Their material is not the programme, the life of Christ is. They are stunning coaches and people of integrity. We are listening right now to advanced training mp3’s. Their insights may.shake your very foundations but That is not a problem if we are mistaken about discipleship and what Jesus Is for us.

  2. Simeon Krastev Reply

    The Keystone project change my life. I took the training in January/February 2007. It helped me to really understand the Great Commission and to put it in the core of my ministry. I am doing Dicsipleship Multiplication Training seminars in Bulgarian based on Keystone project trainings. Recommend it with with all of my heart.

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