4) Check Out This Cool Map of All the People Groups in the World

Joshua Project MapThe elves at Joshua Project have been working overtime. Check it out…


You can use the drop-down box at the top to zoom in on a particular country, or just explore the world. If you zoom in on a country, click the “country profile” link at the top and see specific intro about that nation. And click on a particular dot to zoom in on info about that people group. The yellow groups are formative/nominal Christian groups. Green groups have established or significant church movements. But 42% of the dots are unreached. Gulp. The task remaining is significant. Three billion people. Yikes.

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  1. Duane Frasier Reply

    It is extremely important to note that the placement of most of these dots is intended to be an estimation ONLY.

    The dots are all one size and in some cases cannot possibly represent the location of a well-dispersed people group. Also, in some cases Joshua Project didn’t have enough information to position the dot precisely.

    In many cases, the dot is actually precisely the location of a people group. Further study can help confirm these location, often with the help of the Ethnologue in cases where there is a 1 to 1 correspondence between a people group and a language.

    In South Asia, the situation is so complicated that the dots were simply placed in the center of a district and then artificially dispersed so as make each dot visible rather than stacked one on another.

    Please view the dots as a helpful visual aid toward increased awareness of the awesomeness of the task.

    As always, please let us know any questions or comments you may have about the resources at Joshua Project. Write us at infoatjoshuaprojectdotnet.

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