11) Best CRM Software Might be Less Expensive Than You Think

tntmpd logoHow about FREE? We asked, in our June 29th edition, “6) Are You In Search of Great Constituency Relationship Software?” Scott commented, “We have used tntmpd (put out by Campus Crusade) for several years now and find it to be quite useful. It syncs perfectly with Outlook and MailChimp, and our mission sends us a file we can import each month with donations that have come it – so we can keep updated on what is coming in and from whom. And best of all, it is free.”

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And Scott, thanks for the input!

3 Responses to 11) Best CRM Software Might be Less Expensive Than You Think
  1. Dan Reply

    Just thought I would offer another free option. Donor Manager (DM) is also an excellent way to keep a CRM. Years ago I compared DM to TNT and while TNT may be a bit more robust it also had a higher learning curve. Both will let you import data from a monthly report produced by many of our missions. For those not as “tech savvy” DM may be a good alternative. You can read more about it at http://www.donormanager.com.

    • Editor Reply

      Good stuff, Dan.Thanks for the tip!

  2. Peter Bowers Reply

    +1 for the recommendation for tntmpd! Amazing functionality… I’ve been using it for years & every time I say “oh, wouldn’t it be great if tntmpd could do X” I go to the program and find out that, sure enough, it already does that!

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