6) Is there a Course Like “Encountering the World of Hinduism?”

islam studyAn encouraging worker from Philippines contacted us this past week, mentioning that she had taken “Encountering the World of Islam,” and loved it — but she was wondering if such a course existed for Hinduism – and she’s especially interested in online options. We have published details about conferences offered by instructors at particular universities or conference centers, but as far as a “course in a box” and/or a course online, I was stumped. Are there any to which you could direct us? If so, just click “Comment” after the web version of this item and you’ll be helping all of us be more effective with the world’s Hindus. Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. Deborah Reply

    YWAM has a school called the School of Hindu Studies held in India every year. See http://www.uofn.edu/uofn_us/locations/south_central_asia/Asia-South/india/Friends-Network-South-Varanasi/Schools/School-of-Hindu-Studies
    Also, the US Center for World Mission offers a course called Chela. To find out more about that, write to mariedotbaueratuscwmdotorg

  2. Steve Reply

    Christar hosts a training program each year in the Chicago area.

  3. Mark Harris Reply

    You might want to contact Rick at this e-mail address: rickatuscihsdotcom
    He has extensive experience and a good network, and could give you guidance.

  4. Jon Reply

    This is a blog from my friend who is an American working in an Indian company in India. He covers a lot of India from a practical and insightful perspective.

    Here’s a post on “Why you will stop learning about Hinduism”

  5. Cathy Douglass Reply

    I am a Cru staff member and teach a practical Hindu evangelism course, and will be offering it online in early 2015. It’s called “Love Your Neighbor” and is based on my 20+ years of experience working with Hindus in Africa, US, and India. It is less academic and more practical evangelism; 12 hours of teaching. Visit http://www.nayajeevan.org/loveyourneighbor for more information. contact me at cathydotdouglassatcrudotorg.

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