9) What’s the Best Conference Calling Solution?

conference calling service2Murray wrote this past week to ask, ” I’m interested in the question of ease of access, bandwidth etc for conference call software for international team meetings. Skype is most accessible in the sense of being well known and easy to use but Vsee uses less bandwidth so works better for those with slow internet. Teamviewer is also free but is less intuitive to use. I don’t know how it compares for bandwidth use. Go To Meeting does a better job handling bandwidth but is pricy.
Do you know who is done a well-researched comparison? I don’t want to change horses mid-stream so want to make a good choice up front.” Murray has asked a great question. We all default to Skype because everybody is on it. We default to VSee because it’s so compact and secure. We default to GoToMeeting because it works. But what’s the best? What’s your opinion? Just click “Comment” after the web version of this item — and thanks in advance for any testimonies you can share.

4 Responses to 9) What’s the Best Conference Calling Solution?
  1. Garry Cruce Reply

    In our missions organization, we use Microsoft Linc. It is paid for by our organization. Does anyone else out there use it? What has been your experience?

  2. Mike Jentes Reply

    We use Skype because it’s the one everyone (churches, missionaries, leaders, lay leaders, etc.) is familiar with…but certainly are open to finding the BEST solution.

  3. Greg F Reply

    Appear.in is a great, high quality, secure, free browser based solution for up to 8 participants. Requires a WebRTC compliant browser, and works on Android & IOS.

  4. Tony H Reply

    I’ve been using BigBlueButton and it has worked out very well for us. It is more of a web-conferencing tool and we use it for asynchronous online classes or virtual meetings and has the ability to record meetings. It also allows for desktop sharing. It is free and relatively easy to setup on your own server or VPS.

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