3) The Best of the Best Calendar

fantastical-app-e1352378308414*** Continuing our “Best of the Best” series, this is another category with no clear winner, though Fantastical 2 is giving everybody else a run for the money. You want a calendar that will let you show multiple accounts, and that will parse your clear language (if you say “lead worship at 9am Sunday,” the app should create an appointment “lead worship” and place it in your calendar at 9am this coming Sunday), and show you the month view in a style that you like. What’s your favorite?

2 Responses to 3) The Best of the Best Calendar
  1. Dennis Fahringer Reply

    I have Fantastical, latest version, on my Macs and iPhone. I enjoy it.

  2. Peter Bowers Reply

    Google calendar sync’d to PocketInformant is a great combo!

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