14) The BackPage: Learn from David Watson, CPM/CMM/DMM Guru

Want to learn from a church-planting movement (CPM) guru? (By the way, CPM is only ONE of the ways to refer to the concept. You might also call it a church-multiplication movement (CMM), Disciple-making Movement (DMM), and a dozen other choices of alphabet soup. For a long time, our org had settled on CPM as our favorite acronym/moniker for this concept. However, there’s so much diversity among trainers these days, it sometimes boils down to which trainer has happened by most recently with the best stories! You’re always safe calling them CPM or CMM though.) ANYWAY, if you’d like to learn more, catch him on YouTube at…

or order the book, “Contagious Disciple Making: Leading Others on a Journey of Discovery,” on Amazon at…


The CPM/CMM/DMM concept is getting so much play these days that it’s hard to imagine ever going back (to the traditional church-planting model). If you haven’t given these principles a listen, at least get exposed to the general concepts. If you’ve already tried them, feel free to give your testimony (pro or con) by clicking “Comment” immediately following the web version of this item. And thank you, in advance, for taking time to respond.

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