6 Responses to 8) Where do you Get Your Children’s Bible Stories/Lessons?
  1. Mike Schrage Reply

    Try The Global Gospel. 88 short and simple illustrated videos about the life and teaching of Jesus. It is dramatically read and is the synoptic version of the most scripture available from all for Gospels regarding each of the 88 stories. Go to http://www.theglobalgospel.org for samples to view and all 88 are free in not only English but many other languages as they become available.

  2. Grace Ericskon Reply

    Two great websites:

    http://ubdavid.org/ both kids and teen lessons, English, French, Spanish

    http://www.biblestoriesalive.org/ They have been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin, Rumanian, Norwegian, Farsi, Khmer, Nepali, Amharic, and Russian.

  3. Jean Keiser Reply

    Bible Visuals International has the 78 volume Visualized Bible, many Christian stories, many missionary stories and many visualized hymns. New ones come out all the time. Many in foreign languages and available in power point. Their website http://www.biblevisuals.org

  4. Becky Reply

    http://www.Max7.org is a website with thousands of cost-free, copyright-free lessons, videos, worksheets, songs, etc in 30+ languages. These materials have been written and translated by people from all over the world and donated freely to support the church. (If you would like to contribute material, there is a “SHARE” button that will lead you through the process.)
    The website itself is in the process of being completely re-designed as the volume of material has made the current site a bit cumbersome to navigate. The new site is due to be launched in the middle of the year. You can also access the resources through the Max7 app available for iOS and Android.

  5. Mary Nelson Reply

    Here’s a free resource:

    http://www.missionbibleclass.org is a website to help even a “beginner teacher” share God’s Word. It contains 170 Bible stories with bible study for the teacher and then simple and inexpensive methods. There are also links to other online resources. It is not a static curriculum but a resource that allows the user freedom to apply to local situations.

    The vision of Mission Bible Class is people around the world equipped to value and spiritually nurture children in their own culture using sustainable methods and resources.

  6. Debbie Reply

    For Sunday school or children’s services, I get a lot of visualized stories from cef or bvi but some of my favorite stories come from Penn view visuals.org they’re a bit pricy but good stories. You can also Google aunt Carolyn or living stories for a link to the old ss stories like Barney’s Barrel.

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