7) OneDrive Can Create Havoc; What’s Your Experience?

onedrivePerhaps you’ve heard of OneDrive, Microsoft’s answer to DropBox. The idea is first class: provide a safe and secure file storage alternative (one that is integrated with Microsoft Office so smoothly, you’ll forget that you’re not logged on to your own hard drive. Teams wishing to share files would presumably be a big fan. I tried it this past week. I found that the web page worked great for my Toshiba Windows 7 ultra-book. I could upload files, share them at will, and track versioning. However, when I tried to sign up for the Business file install, OneDrive (apparently) corrupted my Outlook database AND the plug-in that connects me to our organization’s version of Microsoft Exchange (we use an open source program called Zarafa, which apparently means giraffe in some European language; If so, OneDrive chopped off its neck). Like I say, the concept is great… free file-sharing for you and your team (up to 15 gig). Real-time “saving as” as if it’s a drive on your laptop and everyone else’s on your team, with free version-tracking. Has your team tried One Drive? Did it work for you? To sign up for OneDrive and try it for free, browse to…


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  1. Bob Nyberg Reply

    I have used OneDrive for several years. I’ve had a few problems but none like the problem described in Brigada. Every once in a while I have a file on my computer that seems to refuse to sync with OneDrive in the cloud. Some times when OneDrive is trying to sync files it seems to take forever and really slows down my computer to the point that multitasking becomes a problem. I am able to keep files on my home computer and office computer synced which is nice. But my old home computer uses the old OneDrive folder name of SkyDrive. That becomes a problem if I create a shortcut on my office computer and attempt to use that shortcut on my home computer. Those are a few minor annoyances. But the fact that I can keep both computers synced and have way more drive space than dropbox makes it worth putting up with those OneDrive quirks.

  2. Keith Pascoe Reply

    The difficulty I have found with One Drive is that you have to retain an exact copy in your “sync” file on your computer. Thus it does not provide an help with storage off your computer. I use Asus WebStorage where this is not a problem and cost is minimal for 100Gb. Google+ provides a free facility for storing photos within certain parameters of size which is another place to consider.

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