4) What if Someone Attacked your iPhone? Would you Know it?

lookout-for-iphoneIf you had a Lookout, you would. If we thought the iPhone had no vulnerabilities, maybe we should peruse this article:


Well now there’s decent app to protect your iPhone called, appropriately enough, Lookout.


It has a process monitor which automatically checks running apps for malicious processes. It has built-in theft protection, sending “theft alerts” and issuing a “Signal Flare” feature that saves your last location, thereby helping you find it even when your battery is dead. It will even post a “lost message” on your phone’s screen to help you get your device back. Well worth considering.

2 Responses to 4) What if Someone Attacked your iPhone? Would you Know it?
  1. Janice Reply

    I use Lookout and am happy with it, but the article that describes the vulnerability of iPhones is over two years old. Given the updates in iOS and models since then, that article is not a reliable indicator of the relative security of the iPhone as compared with other brands.

  2. Robby Reply

    Lookout may be a good program, but the ZDnet article is badly misleading, as it presents a historic analysis of the early iPhone as if the early problems hadn’t been dealt with.

    The report on which that article is based concludes:
    “while Apple didn’t focus very much on security when they first released the iPhone, they have since made significant improvements and can be considered the current market leaders in terms of mitigations.”

    (Browse the comments on that ZDnet article to get a balanced view.)

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