6) You’ve Seen the Book, but What about the Movie? (“In the House”)

wind in the house of islamNo doubt, you’ve seen the book (now in its 3rd printing), “A Wind in the House of Islam.”


But did you know that Paul, David and Jon (almost sounds like a singing group from England?!) have now turned the book into a DVD, “In the House of Islam DVD?” It includes 56-, 32-, and 17-minute versions, all on the same DVD, making it useful for a variety of contexts, including class room, home group, Sunday School, church service, etc. You’ll learn firsthand how God is at work in the world’s largest non-Christian religion (Islam) drawing hundreds of thousands of Muslims to new life in Jesus Christ. Don’t miss this opportunity to journey beyond the headlines and into the remote corners of the Great Commission, where God is at work… In The House of Islam!

3 Responses to 6) You’ve Seen the Book, but What about the Movie? (“In the House”)
  1. Judy Reply

    How do you get the DVD? Is it out yet?

  2. John Reply

    The link goes to the book. Where’s the link to the video?

  3. Alex Stone Reply

    The DVD and many other resources are available directly from WorldChristian.com. Why not consider buying directly from the US direct distributer? I have no financial connections to this organization. At one time they were the YWAM store.

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