6) End-to-end Encryption For E-mail, Messaging, and File Sharing

peerioChris thinks he may have finally found a user-friendly tool for secure communications with colleagues in sensitive countries. Peerio is an app for sending encrypted e-mail, messages, and shared files. It runs on Windows, Mac, or as a Chrome App. Data is encrypted on the sender’s computer and decrypted on the receivers, so even if Peerio servers are ever breached, unencrypted data won’t be exposed. Peerio is open source and peer reviewed, and anyone who can find a hole in its security can claim a $1,000 bounty. The best thing is how simple Peerio is to use; he says it is just like using a text messaging app.


Watch a video about their services at…

Peerio – Solution from Vincent Drouin on Vimeo.

I tried Peerio myself and it looks great — but am I right… that it will only send messages to other Peerio addresses? So it would be limited only to the circle of users who take the plunge?

(Thanks Chris!)

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