12) What’s the Best Online TESL Course?

teflOne teacher (from the Middle East) pointed us to…


He said the cost was the most reasonable for the instruction he received. You can get a 40-hour basic certificate for $260, or a 60-hour Educator certificate for $340. Of course, their 140-hour course (IDELT Online) is $997.50. Are these fairly competitive with courses you’ve taken? (or courses your institute offers?) Please click “Comment” after the web version of this item to help us find the best value for the best price. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Steven Cable Reply

    In Thailand, the government requires anyone looking to get a longer-term visa for teaching English from overseas to have taken a TEFL or TESL course if they don’t have an English degree (if they did not major in English). The Thai gov’t does NOT accept on-line TEFL or TESL courses – they must be classes done in a classroom setting. We found this out the hard way when one of our faithful short-termers took an on-line course and then was REJECTED in his visa request because it was on-line, not classroom based. Be sure to know the requirements of the country you intend to go to. If you are taking on-line classes for your own improvement (regardless of visa issues) then no problem of course. But if you are taking it due to visa requirements, just know not all governments will accept on-line classes.

    S. Cable Santisuk English School Bangkok, Thailand

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