11) Six Phases of a Growing Participator Approach to Language Learning

Curious as to what it would look like to learn language using a GPA study model? Check out this page with 6 ideal phases:


I’d love for a GPA learner to jump in and hit “comment” immediately following the web version of this item. Did it work for you this way? Would you? (if so — thanks!)

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  1. CS Reply

    I followed the GPA approach in language learning for a full year, covering the first two of the 6 phases on the website linked above. I did supplement with another tutor doing grammar learning after I finished phase 1 because my target language has quite complicated grammar. For my second year of full-time study, I didn’t really follow the other phases, but I pulled some from them and the principles laid down in the first 2 phases. It was excellent for me. It was fun, practical, and not too tedious. I’d recommend it at least as a great starting place for people looking to become fluent in their target language. I wouldn’t recommend it for people who are just looking for more “survival” language skills for a couple of months or a couple of years. It’s strength is in developing a strong foundation for fluency.

  2. Shedd Waskosky Reply

    I’m using the GPA for American Sign Language. It’s wonderful! I just wished I had more time to dedicate to it. I’ve not been doing it since mid-May. And when I do it, the maximum time I have is 10 hours a week. But I’m in Phase 3 now and loving joining that community. Yesterday I celebrated a Deaf friend’s birthday with him. It made me realize how I want to get back to it. The Lord will provide and I’ll start soon again.

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