14) The BackPage: Launching DMM’s is like Growing Bamboo

This past week, I’ve become fascinated with growing bamboo. First, I need to ask — if you’ve been around bamboo, is this video actually correct in its facts and figures?

Does it really take that long for the plant to sprout out of the ground? … and then, does it really grow that fast? A co-worker and teammate just bought me my first sprouts of bamboo. They’re sitting on my desk in my office. Will I be able to simulate all this rapid growth with the plant on my desk? (Yikes. I’ll have a FOREST of bamboo right there in my office!)

If all this is true, there are amazing parallels with launching a disciple making movement. In the beginning, we have to pour tons of time into just a few friends. It won’t feel very rapid. But if we do this correctly, then later, the movement might grow rapidly, if God blesses.

So please tell me — is this entire bamboo legend actually true? If so, please click “Comment” after the online “web” version of this item. Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. Dave Carson Reply

    Have not grown bamboo from seeds, but have grown two varieties from sprouts in my back yard and they just grow like crazy. I watered a little at the beginning, but they did fine after that with the normal Florida rainfall. They grow so fast, you can almost see it. My varieties don’t reach 90′, but were chosen to provide a visual privacy wall with a two-story condo next door and are about 50′ high.

    • Dave Carson Reply

      PS: One variety is from southern China, the other Burma.

    • Dave Carson Reply

      The story does not sound right, based on how bamboo grow. Most people grow bamboo from culms, or shoots. According to this article, seeds are rare and expensive. Why would a Chinese farmer do things the hard way?


  2. Editor Reply

    Thanks for the input, Dave!

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