2016/03/20 – Brigada Today

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In this issue…
1) MoreDisciples.com to Feature Dr. George Patterson Webinar
2) Is This the Most Powerful 4-Minute Video You’ve Ever Seen?
3) New Video on Islam Will Unlock Secrets and Explore Trends
4) Exactly what IS a “DBS” (Discovery Bible Study)?????????
5) Here are Ten Reasons NOT to Become a Missionary
6) What Name do YOU use to Describe ISIS, ISIL, IS or Daesh?
7) What’s the Best College Program in Community Development?
8) How Would One Learn More about Social Networking and Evangelism?
9) Check out The Good News Coloring Book (In scads of languages!)
10) Get Instant Price Comparisons on Books You Need to Purchase
11) Affinity Designer: A Fantastic Photo Editing App
12) Resources for Missionaries
13) Got Water? Good. Need Water? See These folks.
14) The BackPage: How do they do it? People “before their time”
15) Closing Stuff

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