13) Yikes: Did I really Switch to Microsoft OneNote?

I (Doug) have been an Evernote user since… my goodness. Forever. But this past month, I exported everything from Evernote over to OneNote and, perish the thought, I think I’m converted. I HATE this idea. But I love OneNote. Evernote is so… linear. OneNote is so… matrix. Evernote is so … bland. OneNote is so … colorful. Evernote is so fast. OneNote is JUST as fast. Evernote’s iPhone app is — just … ok. OneNote’s iPhone app feels exactly like the laptop app. Once again, yikes. But … I’m switched.


This is horrible.

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  1. Josh W Reply

    Don’t feel bad, Doug. Microsoft really does make good, slick software. And right now they are the most consumer-friendly of the big three software empires (Apple and Google). Their EULA actually favors the users and their products hit the spot far better than anyone else’s. I’m glad you find OneNote so good. Keep proclaiming that good news!

  2. Keith Sorbo Reply

    I also switched. Initially because I needed to share with a coworker.

    I love being able to type my sermons on my laptop and have them sync onto my tablet and phone. I know you can do that also with Evernote, but…

    Guess since I have been using Word for years, a familiar interface makes it easy!

  3. Bill Kirsch Reply

    Evernote gives you 50MB free per month or 1GB with premium. What are the limits and charges if any with OneNote?

  4. Andrew Wood Reply

    Thx for the tip, just downloaded it, looks slick.

  5. Peter B Reply

    I came *this* close to switching a few weeks back when EN announced that the free version would only support 2 devices moving forward. Two things pulled me back to “the right side”… :-)

    (1) I found I could sign up for another free account on my tablet and simply share the notebook that I actually use on my tablet, thus giving me de facto 3 devices.
    (2) I tried OneNote’s web clipper/scraper and found it doesn’t begin to match up with EN’s very mature web clipper.

    But OneNote has a lot to be said for it. Our org is increasingly moving this direction and we’re finding increasing uses for it.

    • Peter B Reply

      Oh, I forgot to mention – the “matrix” view of ON vs the “linear” feel of EN. For me this is the single biggest advantage of EN – when I am gathering data I don’t have to think about where to put it or how to organize it – I just DUMP with a bit of care to make sure I include the appropriate search terms (I know, I should tag – I just never got into it). Then later when I want to find it, it’s just a search away…

      Probably ON can do the same, but somehow EN just seems to welcome this approach where ON makes me think I should organize things and put them away while I am in data collection mode…

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