4) Questions regarding ACA Health Insurance

Here are two articles regarding ACA health insurance (Obamacare) in 2017 and how it might impact you:

“The ACA 2017 Fact Sheet” at: https://www.gninsurance.com/blog/international-travel-insurance-2/specialty-coverage/aca-2017-fact-sheet/

and “Repeal and Replace – The Future of the Affordable Care Act” at:


(Thanks to Good Neighbor Insurance for putting these together.)

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  1. Neal Pirolo Reply

    For 30+ years we have been enjoying sharing medical expenses with Christians, who in turn, have shared in our expenses through CHRISTIAN HEALTHCARE MINISTRIES (chministries.org). Our “rates” went up once about 10 years ago! By 10 dollars a month! Making it $150 a month. AND, it legally sidesteps ObamaCare! And, whatever replaces it. It is a pleasure to be helping Christians with their medical expenses. ~~~~~NEAL

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