10) Free Software to Track Your Disciple Groups

Are you multiplying disciples and groups? If so, you might appreciate this free online software, developed by an implementer in Czech Republic:


The software includes an “About” page for instructions, but if you’re familiar with the “Four Fields” model, it should be fairly easy to grasp. Thanks to Curtis Sergeant for inspiring this disciple maker to design it, and to the disciple maker for making it available to the world as a gesture of, “Freely I have received, and freely I give.”

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  1. Eric Reply

    great tool, this immediately helped cast better vision for many of our workers who are making disciples. it’s so easy to use as well, after playing with it for a couple of minutes, it’s off to the races, was able to help one of our workers track their generational maps for over 200 groups to the 13th generation. thanks to Curtis and Daniel.

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