8) Follow-up on the Best Encryption Software

This past week, after reading our item, “Securing the Data on your Laptop,” at…

John wrote to say that he read that VeraCrypt was going “out of business.” If that’s the case, maybe it’s tough to justify installing that option as your data encryption software of choice. Is Bitlocker the only good option? Surely there’s something else. This is a challenge that needs revisiting. What’s your best option? Please click “Comment” under the web version of this item and tell your solution.

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  1. Hanno Reply

    As a user of Veracrypt, I was surprised and concerned about this news. However, it seems that although the main developer had been unable to work on the project for some time, the development of Veracrypt is definitely continuing. Please see

  2. paul Reply

    What about axcrypt at axcrypt.net? It is good? Does it have “backdoors” for companies to check in?

    • zed Reply

      I’ve followed AxCrypt, although never tried it. It seems to have a good reputation, and I know that for Steve Gibson (ShieldsUp, Spinrite, etc.) it seems to be his preferred tool.

      It is open-source, although they went through a major update about a year ago, and the newer release puts a lot of emphasis on upgrades to paid versions (and a much larger feature set).

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