4) Zume Project Designers: We Like What You’ve Done to the Place

Well the elves behind


have been at it again. In a remake of their page, they’ve added new capabilities and a ton of improvements for participants. If you haven’t stopped by ZumeProject and you’re wondering what it’s all about, look no further than the entire May/June edition of Mission Frontiers here…


In a nutshell, Zume is an online training and coaching service designed to help you become a disciple worth multiplying, help you acquire and implement the skills and life practices to make disciples who make disciples. It’s designed (in this phase) for a North American audience — but future phases will address (first of all) 34 different language groups, then (literally) district-level contexts in all 4000 different zones of the planet. Having watched these Zume groups at work on a personal level, we can now say with a high level of confidence that this system, if implemented as directed, really, really works. If you haven’t tried it, please give it your best and check it out. You’ll need a group of 4 people to get started. You WON’T need your Visa card. Zume is free.

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