Use this Approach to Become More Efficient and Effective

One Brigada user recently commented that his role for some time has been to help his organization improve in efficiency and effectiveness. “This has been my line of work for many years, starting in 1994 when I first learned about “Lean”

while earning my PhD at MIT. Based largely upon the Toyota Production System, Lean is “the” approach these days for all industries to pursue excellence through solving problems and eliminating the waste that hinder value creation for the customer. And it aligns with Christian principles and biblical concepts.” If you try Lean, please remember to let us know your take on how it works for you. (Thanks Andrew!)

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  1. Paul Nilsen Reply

    Just to mention: Lean is not based upon Toyota PS. It is the TPS itself. Actually, there have been many different interpretations. Different sources represent the TPS main pillars in different ways. But for me, TPS and Lean management is the same thing.

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