The Last Bit: How do YOU Define Disciple Making?

Have you noticed that the term, “discipleship” or disciple-making doesn’t really have a standardized definition? For example, some trainers refer to it more along the lines of a Bible College degree in one’s personal spiritual walk…

while others utilize the term to refer to an action- or obedience-orientation. For example, check out…

What’s YOUR definition of disciple making and how would you distinguish it from others’ definition? Please click Comment after the web version of this item… and thanks in advance for your thoughts.

One Response to The Last Bit: How do YOU Define Disciple Making?
  1. Randy Rhoades Reply

    I like to keep definitions simple and to the central themes out of which all aspects can grow. Too complicated of definitions, in the attempt to define it all, ends up overlooking important aspects.

    So my definition of “Disciple making?”
    The intentional life to life transfer of knowledge and character.

    If it is not life to life then it is only education.
    If it is life to life then relationships are necessary
    If it does not include character then it is just creating a student
    If it does include character then the disciple with be like his discipler, or hopefully in Christian terms the character will be like the ultimate discipler they are both following.

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