5 Responses to The Whole North Korea Thing… What’s Up With That?
  1. Ted Bjorem Reply

    interesting you should ask now.
    Just this week a retired Aussie Supreme Justice who has a weekly radio spot here on the Gold Coast was asked that. He reviewed history and how nations/kings not uncommonly flex heir muscles just to be noticed – before WW1 who had the biggest and most battleships; he felt Hitler could have been stopped had he been resisted, rather than placated

    He feels there is a lot of bravado, look at me, and Kim will stop sort of war, unless those around fail to cut supply. He is feudal king so no one internally to stop him.

    There is another hot spot on the China/India border near Sikkim first China, then India in response building roads to the border

    The Islands China has built on in the Philippine Sea

    Remember God loves to do the impossible when we pray with a pure heart. “Lord continue to frustrate their counsel… “

  2. Pete Mortonq Reply

    I wrote an article on this a few weeks ago. You can find it on our new In The Field Blog. Titled Kim Jong Un is a joke……right?

  3. Charles Cherry Reply

    I thought this guy makes some good points:


  4. Dorothy Lacy Reply

    I found this NY Times article very informative about North Korea and their relationship over the years with both China and Pakistan.


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