Earbuds that Provide Real-Time Foreign Translation? Really?

You’ve seen those cool devices that make the rounds on social networking sites, we’re sure. But have you seen these?


Would these not be great for the elders at your church on a short-term mission trip to visit you in the field? I mean, just imagine: some of your first disciples are there in your house, singing your praises about how hard you’ve worked to get a disciple-making movement going and, alas, then you have to turn and translate it all to your visiting shepherds. It just — LOSES something when you have to be the one who explains how much they’re bragging on you! But imagine if your donors could hear for themselves — in their own language! Would that not be cool? Of course, are they real? We did some research and found that…


Snopes could never verify or talk with ANYONE who had ever used the tech. Have you heard any differently? If that’s the case, these Star Trek type devices might still be a ways off in the future. (Is Waverly Labs for real? : ) )

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  1. Matt Rogie Reply

    I know this was from a few weeks ago, but Google just announced they are releasing earbuds that do translate. Apparently the demo was real-time and according to native speakers was 100% correct.


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