Ethno LA Raises the Bar for Studies on MegaCities

Jerome Hannaman, Gerry Gutierriz, Don Overstreet and Kallie-Jo Ho have done a super job on “Ethno LA: Reaching the Nations, Tongues, and People of the Greater Los Angeles Metro Area.” Our only regret about this book is that we don’t have similar works yet for the other 39 or so cities with 10 million or more population. This is a brand new work (in fact, it’s not actually released yet; the copy we’re holding here is a pre-release review copy), slated to be available in October. Packed with profiles of every significant ethnicity in the metro area, plus maps and more, this beautiful 182-page work would look great on your coffee table (do people still have coffee tables?). The print is incredibly clear (plenty large for eyes of all ages) and, frankly, it’s an extremely professional production with color that ‘pops.’ If I were a megachurch pastor in L.A., I would ask my staff to pray through this book one profile at a time, one day at a time. In fact, even though I’m NOT a megachurch pastor in L.A., I’m still going to pray through it — because… Should we not be concerned with the welfare of this city? It will be premiered at the Finishing the Task event in December in L.A. as well. But you can get a sneak peak at this secret new website…

You’re going to love this book.

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  1. Rol Reply

    Can’t wait! When can I get a copy?

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