The Last Bit: Nabeel Qureshi (1983-2017)

Last week, we asked for prayer for Nabeel Qureshi (in the item, “Author of ‘Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus’ Needs Your Prayers”). Unfortunately, we’re so sorry to have to report that he passed away on Saturday, Sept. 16. His loss will be widely and deeply felt among all those who desire to see Muslims come to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord.

We first heard about Nabil from field workers who were implementing disciple-making movement principles overseas. They were using Nabeel’s writings as a significant part of their ministries, seeing fruit from their labor. A portion of their work was being significantly (and positively) impacted by Nabil’s writings and testimonies. He will be missed. Learn more about his remarkable life in sites like these:

Did Nabil make a contribution to your own life? If so, please say something about that contribution as a memorial here. We’ll make sure these are seen by Michelle and Ayah. Thank you in advance for your words.

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  1. Chad Reply

    I praise Jesus for Nabeel, his humility, and his courage to call the church to her true mission. My college roommate and I were deeply struck by his words as we wept and prayed for salvations on our campus, and Nabeel inspired us to be well-researched as well as bold in evangelism, especially to our Muslim friends. I feel he had a direct impact on our obedience to the Lord in those critical years, and I for that I must honor and rejoice in Nabeel’s life.

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