Anyone tried Lucent Institute?

This past week, a Brigada participant wrote, asking if we knew anything about Lucent Institute….

She was considering helping a family member attend but she didn’t want to do so if it wasn’t a legitimate option. The prices seemed reasonable and the programs sounded good. Anyone tried it?

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  1. Andrew DIPROSE Reply

    Here’s the catch. From their website, quote <>

    • Carol Reply

      The quote didn’t show up here…but I’d sure love to know what it was. ; )

  2. Jim Walters Reply

    LUCENT is amazing, the videos are high quality, the prof is seated face to face with the student, subtitles in 59 languages. All materials are on line (no extra cost) and notes are downloadable.

    Most professors are retired from Dallas Sem’y, Southwestern, Gateway, Southeastern, or Dallas Baptist.

    We launched in Sept 17, have 150+ students from 30+ nations (full disclosure: I am the instructor for the class in Evangelistic Strategies). We are a 501c3, none of the Professors are on salary.

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