The Last Bit: Are We Raising Up More, Equal, or Fewer Workers?

If we wanted to acquire accurate data as to how mission organizations are doing in their recruitment of new cross-cultural workers, where would we turn? Are we raising up more missionaries today than we did in 1975? … or fewer? Or about the same? If it’s fewer, do you have theories about why? To comment, just click “Comment” following the web version of this item. Let’s grow a solid list of links and personal testimony about our track record with Matthew 9:35-38. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Jonathan Kanner Reply

    The more missionaries we raise up, the more we fail. On the other hand, when God raises up missionaries …

    Having made that statement, I would say that at times God will alter his strategy. Sometimes we are not very good at discerning the patterns of God’s movements and sometimes this is true even when we are sensitive to His leading and obedient to His calling. This makes the question very hard to answer since we may fail to see what God is doing even as we are faithfully acting upon His willl as individuals.

    Getting back to my initial statement, the better question to answer is not the question that focuses primarily on numbers. Instead ask if the Church as a whole is faithfully acting upon His will. Ask first if your own fellowship is seeking and following His will. Most importantly, ask if you as an individual are walking the path He is guiding you to.

    Me? I tend to get very distracted along the way by things such as numbers.

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