8) The Guys at JoshuaProject Kill Me

I just don’t get it. They keep coming up with the greatest resources in the world and they never ask for a dime for any of them. Take for example, the great little resource at…


This one little 11-page PDF is stacked FULL of mobilization ideas, websites, news sites, training sites, opportunity sites, and more. It has ideas for skits, videos, and even books. And what do these guys do? They give it away. If you’re supporting the work of JoshuaProject.net, hats off to you. Thank you for empowering a great org to do great work. (Confess: While writing this item, we went and made a donation to their work. Can you imagine if JoshuaProject suddenly vanished??? Gasp.)

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  1. Becky Durstenfeld Reply

    Thank you! I have been on the Joshua Project website many times to get information about unreached people groups and never noticed the Resources Tab. The one you included in Brigada looks great, but there are also many other wonderful resources. So thank you again for helping me find this!

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