10) Membership (in MissioNexus) Does Have its Privileges

I admit, one has to be selective about which associations and clubs to join. But MissioNexus continues to step up its game, making significant contributions in writing, researching, reporting, and fostering collaboration. For example, in a recent article on the MissioNexus website, Kurtis Amundson wrote about children and youth. Find it here:


Of course, if you aren’t a member, it might not have seemed very helpful. But if you were a member, you’d learn that “In the West, the actual amount of time our churches have with our kids is very small. With the busy, scheduled lives of kids these days, it’s only getting smaller. It’s been estimated of the 113,880 hours in a child’s life between birth and 13, the average kid consumes a minimum of 25 hours of media a week, for a total of almost 17,000 hours. In retrospect, even if a kid spends 2 hours a week at church every week, the church still gets less than 1,400 hours.”

We rest our case. : )

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