5) If You’re Transferring Money, Try These Services

If you’re about to make send off a bank wire, at least CHECK to see if you can use services like these to send funds to your destination land:




If either of these services can transfer your funds, they’ll be less expensive, faster, AND more efficient with your funds. If you DO use one or both, please stop back by and click Comment following the web version of this item. We’d love to hear your testimony.

4 Responses to 5) If You’re Transferring Money, Try These Services
  1. Margaret Reply

    I have successfully used Xoom, a PayPal service, which charges $4.99, the same as Transfast (don’t know about Ria) to transfer money to Pakistan.

  2. Bill Reply

    for transferring $ from USD to INR I’ve successfully used
    Remitly.com (NO Fees if transferring larger sums!)

  3. Peter Reply

    These aren’t available to all Brigada folk…

    Transfast (from FAQ): “Currently, Transfast is licensed in 37 US states. As a money transfer company, federal law requires that you be a resident of a state or province where we have a license to operate.”

    RIA USA site: “We’re sorry, but based on your current location, you can’t register for an account here…
    But you’re in luck! You can still register and transfer money at http://www.riamoneytransfer.com.au

    RIA has a $3000 limit; Exchange rate 2.5% worse than OFX or Transferwise.com at the time of checking (effectively a $75 fee on $3000, so always check the rates not just the fees.)

    Xoom similarly would be $40 less received than with OFX or Transferwise on $3,000 transfer at the time of checking (and has a $89.99 USD fee for credit card)

    Transfast, RIA and Xoom all seem to require US residency to send USD; and while only RIA has an option to sign up in Australia, I think you can then only send AUD.

    Still looking for a better way USD to AUD!

  4. James Liljegren Reply

    I’m looking for a way to transfer money to Russia, Moldova, Czech Rep., and Ukraine.

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