9) Martyrs of Malatya: Martyred for the Messiah in Turkey

This book not only gives one of the best overviews of the spiritual realities in modern Turkey, it also tells the inspiring true story of two Turkish former Muslims and a German missionary who died as martyrs for Jesus on April 18, 2007. Refugees, deportations and imprisonments should stir the church to seek better understanding of the perils and opportunities in this great land. Order on Amazon at…


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  1. James Wright Reply

    As the author of this story still living in Turkey, I encourage everyone to make the investment to get a deeper understanding of the need for prayer and more workers in Turkey at this point in history. Just this week Andrew Brunson faced 12 hours of grilling in a court case that will decide if he will spend the next 35 years in a Turkish prison for his faith. On Wednesday April 18 the church remembered the 3 martyrs of Malatya who also died for Christ as they labored under harsh conditions. Few resources will provide this level of historical background and current picture of this land. Thanks, James Wright

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