1) Theological Education by Extension Courses in 67 Languages

There is no doubt — People around the world want to study Theological (or Bible) Education by Extension. This website has information on courses in 67 Languages. However, the ministry listed (SEAN) does not sell or provide its materials on-line or directly to students. They only work with Churches and Theological Education by Extension programs that pledge to use them following SEAN’s study methodology and the Group Leader’s Guides that accompany each course.


2 Responses to 1) Theological Education by Extension Courses in 67 Languages
  1. Harry Tees Reply

    I am interested in Arabic courses.
    But have no indication how to see anything in Arabic at your website.
    How do I proceed

  2. Editor Reply

    At this time, Harry, we don’t offer Brigada in other languages. The fact that it comes out so often and is largely time- or topic-oriented would make it hard to translate regularly. However, many of the services we profile DO offer materials in Arabic. For example, the course above, at the website listed above, IS in Arabic.

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