8) Help Chuck Find an App that Marries Database and Mapping

Here’s a Brigada participant who has been charged by his mission org to find a software-as-a-service (SaaS, i.e., web-based) tool for his church planters in various countries (though they’ll do the pilot project in Africa). He wrote, “We’re looking for an application that “marries” a relational database with interactive maps. Data points will be church locations. Each data point will have 12-15 configurable attributes (e.g., attendance or whether they have a building or not). In one use case we need the ability to query the database with the result being a map showing all locations that meet that criteria. (e.g., all churches we’ve planted in Uganda that have a physical building with an average weekly attendance over 50). Another use case might be more Excel-like with the ability to filter, count, etc., in a list view. Any help that you or your readers can provide would be much appreciated!” Can we please come up with some options for Chuck? Let’s not let him down. Just click comment after the web version or the app on your smart phone or digital device. Chuck (and all of us) will be extremely grateful.

16 Responses to 8) Help Chuck Find an App that Marries Database and Mapping
  1. Charles R Cherry Reply

    How about this?


  2. Ted Reply


    Check out ushahidi.org

  3. Loren Muehlius Reply

    Loren Muehlius – one other possibility, http://www.easymapmaker.com. GMI did a whitepaper on some web mapping sites (not all will fit your criteria). I could e-mail it to you if it would be helpful.

    • Chuck Rapp Reply

      Thanks, Loren. I’m checking out easymapmaker.com. If you could please email me that white paper, I’d appreciate it!

    • Chuck Rapp Reply

      Loren, please email me that whitepaper at onemissionsociety.org. Thanks!

  4. Jeffrey Reply

    You might try Airtable (airtable.com). I’ve only perused their free version, but it looks pretty powerful and appears to be able to integrate with Google Maps in the paid version/blocks.

  5. Scott Reply

    Here is something our organization is playing with.


  6. chris Reply

    You can run a Google Spreadsheet to a publishable Google Map. https://www.google.com/earth/outreach/learn/mapping-from-a-google-spreadsheet/

    • Chuck Rapp Reply

      Thanks, Chris. This looks promising. Chuck

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