7) Defining Generations: What’s Next?

Pew Research Center is joining others in drawing a new cut-off, as of earlier this year. The last birth year to be considered a “Millennial,” according to Pew, will now officially be 1996. Those born afterward will be called something new. Pew still thinks it’s too early to decide on a name. Do you know someone born more recently than 1996? If so, what would YOU call them? Please click “Comment” after the web or app version of this item to share your suggestion to Pew. We can’t guarantee that Pew will accept our suggestion(s), but it might be entertaining trying to think of the best moniker. : ) Learn more at…


2 Responses to 7) Defining Generations: What’s Next?
  1. Roy Reply

    Maybe “Post-Millennials?” Or is that for another dispensation . . .

    • Editor Reply

      Roy — that’s hilarious. : )

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