2018/10/14 — Brigada Today

In this issue…
1) Voice of the Martyrs Doing “Advance Conferences” in Various Cities
2) If you Have a Somali Friend, Point Him/Her to This Site
3) Cool Animation Shows Global Population Growth from 1950 to 2100
4) Yes He Is App Features a Ton of Cool Videos for Sharing Christ
5) The Folks at Jesus.net Have Put Together a Cool Set of Tools
6) What if Someone Created an Apologetics Site for Children…
7) If you Had Just One Wish This Christmas, What Would it be?
8) Help Brigada Figure Out Why its “Jump to” Links Don’t Work on iPhone
9) What’s the Fastest Way to Get a Job Overseas (If you Speak English)
10) Would you Help Betty Update the Brigada Prayer Resource List?
11) Reach Your Mission Field Through Your Mobile Phone
12) If You’re Still Interested In Background Material on Why DMM
13) Are You From the USA and Need Help Preparing Your Taxes?
14) The Last Bit: How to Search for Brigada Content the Easy Way
15) Closing Stuff

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